Rise Up, or Bow Down...

The Long Night
Episode 3

The group was asked to help lift the siege of Greenest by it’s commander of the watch, Escobar the red, a suspiciously meaty smelling dwarf. After Escobar got whipped to near death by a dragon’s tail, Governer Nighthill enlisted their aid in fighting off an attack on the sally port. Here they ran into a dragonborn paladin who identified himself as Telkas, who had a very awkward conversation with Lieke.
Following this the group decided to go and rescue some villagers from the Temple of Chauntea, which they managed with aplomb. Aplomb, here, meaning another KO for Arlan, a nasty case of rotgrubs for Telkas, and a helping hand from Leosin.

Whilst returning to the keep, the blue dragon Lennithon flew overhead again, and seeing his chance, Hush pulled off an impressive backslide and launched an arrow right into the vulnerable spot of the dragon, pissing it off mightily. It also, however, served to awaken his blackened bow into sentience by giving it a taste of pure dragon’s blood.
The party then bravely ran away.

Back at the keep, the attackers had sacked the town to their content, but one of the raider’s leaders identified himself as Llangdedrosa Cyanwrath of the cult of the dragon, and challenged Greenest’s greatest warrior to one on one combat.
Leshana bravely stepped up, and gave the blue dragonborn a bloody nose with the biggest critical hit of the game so far topped off with a divine smite. Unfortunately, this just annoyed Cyanwrath, and he proceeded to beat her like a red-headed stepchild.

The party are now left in a ruined Greenest town, with nothing but an unconscious cultist and an effeminate, yet dangerous, priest of Chauntea to show for their efforts…

Dead at Highsun
Episode 2

The group were hired to investigate rumours that one of the inhabitants of Valhingren Graveyard, one Xandria Welltran, was not in fact a human, as previously thought, but a polymorphed dragon.
After solving a puzzle in the Welltran crypt, the tomb slid aside to reveal the hidden rooms beneath. Leshana couldn’t resist sitting on a throne they found, which released some resurrection magic and lead to a nasty fight with three skeletons, who caused the party’s first KO on Arlan (a theme that would be further developed later). A hands-y Stumbleduck also couldn’t keep her mitts off a pile of fake gold, which led to more resurrection magic, a fight with four zombies, and almost a second KO.
It turned out someone had been using a teleportation circle to get in and out of the tomb and attempting to use alchemy to try and resurrect the Welltran dragon as a dracolich. On reporting this information back to the cowardly Brother Keefe, the party were asked to take this information to Leosin Erlanther, a priest of Chauntea in the town of Greenest.

Unfortunately, when the party arrived it became clear that Greenest was a town under siege. They heroically saved a family from a group of marauding Kobolds, and using Hush’s tank cart sought the safety of the keep. They saved the villagers, but realised that they were now trapped in the middle of a siege, with a large blue dragon flying overhead…

Meeting in Drummond's point
Episode 1

Whilst unsuccessfully seeking work in the tavern (Nat Tyler’s Bell), the group were brought together by a mysterious individual in a cloak to do some jobs for the Harpers. After a very brief test (which consisted of Lieke putting every bugger in the boozer to sleep) they were asked to retrieve a dragon egg that was being sold to the cult of the dragon by an unnamed seller, and to plant a recording device on the seller.

Despite some excellent reconnaissance and a solid plan, the deal went south. Some local thugs crashed the party, the (fake) egg got broken, the recording device got inserted somewhere unpleasant on the seller that may muffle the signal somewhat.
They did manage to bring an unconscious half-orc back to the pub, though, and to secure more jobs for themselves courtesy of the Harpers.

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