Angelith "Lieke" Noelani deBeer

Aasimar Sorceror


So, there seems to be a new crew of adventurers assembling and one of them approached you for information on the others. You had already been carefully listening for any bit of dirt, so it was easy money really.
Some of them seem quite straight forward about where they’re from and what they’re about, some of them are harder to figure out. Like that sorceress… Lieke.
She wears a mask, but you heard from your buddy who’s having a fling with the maid of the inn she’s staying in, that she walked in on her early morning, and saw scales sprinkled on her face, like freckles.
“Scales like a fish?!”, you asked bewildered, only to be told “no, like a dragon!”, but that’s crazy. What does a chambermaid know anyway, even if is she is gorgeous and you wouldn’t mind having a go yourself.
You digress.
Always a cunning plan ahead, you sent in another helpful hand to try and loosen her lips a bit, chat her up, see what falls out when you shake the tree, but that didn’t work. He got nowhere fast and she just walked out for the evening.
This experiment revealed one bit of useful information though… She seems to have standing & get treated with more respect than the grumpy patron normally reserves for strangers & first timers.
This made you think she might be a snooty one, well off, fancy family. Her attire already had you suspicious, but fancy clothes can be acquired more ways than one, as you well know…
So you went and asked some questions here and there and bingo! Noble birth, from Waterdeep. You couldn’t quite find out which family, but the deBeers are a daughter down… That’s just harbour gossip though and you like your information more solid than that. Still, you did hear some interesting little bits about that family and the other daughter… No, no, let’s stick to what you know…
You caught her playing with some sort of light magic, walking back to the inn that night your mate chased her out. Nothing that impressive though, so maybe she’s not quite the powerful scary sorceress the first rumours you heard, claimed her to be. Probably just likes blowing her own trumpet.
Pretty good at Dragon Chess though; she managed to take some coin from the old elf who likes to play games in the inn at the weekend and that’s saying something…
Oh! The owl!!! The same maid that gibbergabbered about the “scales”, told your buddy that she keeps an owl in her room, a bird as snowy white as she is and she talks a strange tongue to it… The maid couldn’t identify the language though. Useless lass, really.
Anyhow, the only other thing that maid said was that she’s beautiful, but like a forest fire is beautiful… something to be admired from a distance, not up close. Seriously, what does that even mean?! The maid’s probably been listening to the bard too many times!

That’s all you had, but it got you paid and now you’re looking forward to spending you “hard earned” coin on the usual.


Angelith "Lieke" Noelani deBeer

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