Arlan Pureheart (Orr'e gof'n fm'latgh)

Human Cleric


Arlan was an orphan and was adopted by and grew up within the church of Vahohllesh. He was trained as a life doman cleric in their tradition
but was lost at sea in a huge storm on route to missionary work in his 16th year and presumed dead. He was somehow found alive by a fishing boat in open sea nearly a year later. By all accounts, a very different young man was pulled from the waves from the thoughtful devout cleric boy that started the journey. Short tempered, unstable and apparently occasionally violent,
Arlan left the church in controversy with accusations of heresy and now plies his trade as an adventurer and healer with a burning desire for revenge against the church that raised him.


Episode 3 : After some initial doubts particularly about the gnomes motivations and the sorcerers stuck up attitude, Arlan is finding fitting into the group an increasingly positive experience. After the turbulence, confusion and solitude of the last year, being with the others is bringing back memories of the positive side of temple life and the camaraderie of working in a team. He has been a little surprised of how much physical damage he has taken so far, including being knocked unconscious by a horrific construct in some God forsaken tomb, but has grown used to both self sacrifice and physical pain in his life and vows to remain stoic as an example to the others.

Arlan Pureheart (Orr'e gof'n fm'latgh)

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