Rise Up, or Bow Down...

Meeting in Drummond's point

Episode 1

Whilst unsuccessfully seeking work in the tavern (Nat Tyler’s Bell), the group were brought together by a mysterious individual in a cloak to do some jobs for the Harpers. After a very brief test (which consisted of Lieke putting every bugger in the boozer to sleep) they were asked to retrieve a dragon egg that was being sold to the cult of the dragon by an unnamed seller, and to plant a recording device on the seller.

Despite some excellent reconnaissance and a solid plan, the deal went south. Some local thugs crashed the party, the (fake) egg got broken, the recording device got inserted somewhere unpleasant on the seller that may muffle the signal somewhat.
They did manage to bring an unconscious half-orc back to the pub, though, and to secure more jobs for themselves courtesy of the Harpers.



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