Rise Up, or Bow Down...

Dead at Highsun

Episode 2

The group were hired to investigate rumours that one of the inhabitants of Valhingren Graveyard, one Xandria Welltran, was not in fact a human, as previously thought, but a polymorphed dragon.
After solving a puzzle in the Welltran crypt, the tomb slid aside to reveal the hidden rooms beneath. Leshana couldn’t resist sitting on a throne they found, which released some resurrection magic and lead to a nasty fight with three skeletons, who caused the party’s first KO on Arlan (a theme that would be further developed later). A hands-y Stumbleduck also couldn’t keep her mitts off a pile of fake gold, which led to more resurrection magic, a fight with four zombies, and almost a second KO.
It turned out someone had been using a teleportation circle to get in and out of the tomb and attempting to use alchemy to try and resurrect the Welltran dragon as a dracolich. On reporting this information back to the cowardly Brother Keefe, the party were asked to take this information to Leosin Erlanther, a priest of Chauntea in the town of Greenest.

Unfortunately, when the party arrived it became clear that Greenest was a town under siege. They heroically saved a family from a group of marauding Kobolds, and using Hush’s tank cart sought the safety of the keep. They saved the villagers, but realised that they were now trapped in the middle of a siege, with a large blue dragon flying overhead…



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